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At Boiler replacements London we provide a full range of Heating and Plumbing

Services. Boiler replacement London, are an organization that carries out all gas replacement

and domestic engineering services within the central and greater London area. We provide a

wide range of boiler services to customers within the M25 and central London and specialize in boiler replacements in London, boiler repair, boiler replacement and gas boiler services. Corgi registered gas engineers, heating and un-vented specialists to help you get your boiler installed. A rated condensing, combination (combi) and traditional natural gas boilers. 

No need to look any further for a professional boiler replacement service in London.

How much is a boiler Replacement?
A strait swap to replace an existing combi boiler is between £1500 and £2500.
To change a system from a conventional boiler to a new condensing boiler costs between £1800 and £2800. 
If you need a plumber in central London, our services include gas replacement, central heating replacement, boiler service, boiler repair London and boiler replacements. We can also carry out most domestic natural gas replacements using our experienced corgi gas installers, plumbers and engineers.

Boiler replacements London can carry out repairs and service of condensing boilers, combination boilers, combi boilers, back boilers, systems boilers, natural gas boilers, domestic boiler maintenance and boiler cleaning we can give boiler quotes for all types of central heating replacement.


If what you are looking for is a professional reliable replacement service in London then we can help you, so why not phone and tell us about your needs.

Boiler Replacement London, services include - gas replacement, central heating replacement, boiler repairs, boiler service, boiler replacements and boiler replacement – Our services are carried out by our team of qualified and trained corgi gas engineers and plumbers. Our corgi gas engineers and plumbers in central London will finish all jobs to the highest quality, and because we are corgi registered plumbers we ensure they meet all regulatory specifications.

You will find that in London most good quality professional plumbers will charge fairly similar rates. All work will be carried out by professional Corgi gas registered engineers and plumbers. 
Please contact us for our current prices and see above for estimates.

Boiler price
Boilers can vary a great deal in price and with like most things in relates to the quality of the product. Our trained and experienced engineers will be happy to help you find and buy the right boiler for your needs. As part of the service we will provide the boiler and all of the fittings as required. The boilers will of course carry a full guarantee.

Boiler Problems
If your boiler is not working correctly or making strange noises why not give us a call and see if we can help. It is often the case that something fairly simple is the problem and we can have you up and running again in next to no time.

We can update central heating systems to new regulations and install new central heating systems. We can provide boiler replacement and boiler repairs and we have a range of boilers to suit all requirements. It is likely now that your new boiler would be a modern condensing boiler that will save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint.Many of the new breed of boiler are over 90% efficient and fully comply with the new part P building regulations.

Our team of corgi gas registered engineers and plumbers use only the best equipment and materials to carry out their gas replacement, gas boiler service, boiler replacement, central heating replacement and cooker replacements. We guarantee a fast and reliable service and all finished to the highest quality. We believe it is best to install only high quality boilers where possible.

If you would like to find out more about our boiler replacement services in London the give us a call, or fill in the form below.

Boiler Repair

In the majority of cases it is possible to repair a boiler breakdown and often this can be a simple process.

Boiler Replacement

If you you have decided to install a new boiler in your property, this is fundamental to get this correct, not least for safety reasons. By law all gas work in the UK must be carried out by a registered corgi engineer. Here at boiler replacements London we help you every step of the way. The vast choice of boilers available on the market today can seem a daunting task to fathom out, but we can assist you to make all the correct decisions. It is also vitally important that your system is correct for your needs and installed in the right manner. 
Boiler Replacement

Good quality boilers will last for several years, but this is dependant on the quality of boiler fitted and the way it is installed. It is a shame we are often called out to boiler problems due to poor makes or bad replacement.
Condensing boilers
It is now regulations that new boilers being fitted must be of the condensing type. Condensing boilers extract a greater amount of heat from from the fuel used than conventional boilers. This is achieved in several ways such as using secondary heat from the flu gases as well as the use of high efficiency heat exchangers. 
Combination boilers / Combi boilers.
Combination boilers provide hot water to a sealed hot water heating system as well as the hot water used in the supply for the hot taps and shower.
Boiler Quote.
We will be happy to arrange a visit to your property, where we can find out about all your needs and check all relevant information needed to produce the best possible quote for your given situation. We can quote to carry out as much or as little of the work as needed.
We are able to cover most eventualities even if this requires the use of builders or electricians etc

About Us
How can we be so competitive?

Boiler replacements London is a unique concept and organization. We are a network of independent engineers and small companies who have come together to offer a fantastic professional coverage for the London area.
Our aim is to raise the standards of boiler replacement and gas engineering services in the capital. Our team is passionate about providing a great professional service at affordable rates. By working closely as a team we can keep our overheads down and pass on the savings to you.

Our gas work guarantees
Your engineer will have:
Full corgi registration to carry out gas work.
Full public liability insurance in excess of One million pounds 
Fully UK (not European) qualified to carry out the work
Specialists in heating engineering and not just general plumbers.
Professional friendly and polite.
Where appropriate Worcester Bosch approved.
In excess of ten years experience.

Please feel free to write to us at:
Boiler Replacements
501 International House
223 Regent Street
London W1B 2QD

What’s all this about corgi?

To carry out work on domestic natural gas in England you must be UK qualified to do so and be corgi registered.
The important thing to remember is it the person in your property actually carrying out the gas replacements on the day is the person that must be Corgi registered.
It makes no difference if the company is registered or you are visited by a corgi engineer. The only important person is the person who is actually doing the work.

How can I be sure my engineer is corgi registered?
Once you have booked your boiler replacement with us we will then give you the details of your personal engineer.
You can then check their Corgi registration on line, by phone and also by post.
They will carry their card on arrival and you can check the validity of their card and that the photo matches the engineer in question and that the dates are valid.
This applies also to their Worcester Bosch approval where appropriate.
Insurance details can also be checked.

We are currently in the process of reviewing and expanding our internet presence and will soon have many valuable free educational and information sites available on all issues related to heating replacement. Please call back for further updates.

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